What my mornings look like

Today on the Jasmine Star Instagram Challenge is to share a picture of my mornings. Well, my mornings are anything but simple! I am a night owl and naturally, my kids are too. I am not sure why but around 1 am is when I work my hardest, however, I have been training my brain and body to enjoy the morning time and I’ve been involving my kiddos. Usually, Eleanor, Madden and I sleep in while my husband gets the older boys ready and takes them to school on his way to work. Now I am getting up at 5:30 am and doing all myself. Fingers crossed it lasts because it’s allowing me to leave cute notes in the older boys lunchboxes and get the coffee going! I even noticed my workflow was so much better this morning!

This picture is a perfect way to show you how I start my day. Playing with these two wild things. Eleanor pulling her brother’s hair as usual and him laughing. We love our big comfy bed and when we finally peel out of the warm sheets I reach for a cup of coffee and make some oatmeal! I feel complete when I have my babies around me. What about you? Coffee? Tea? Peace and quiet or out for a run? What is your morning like?

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