My workspace at home

Day 2 of the Instagram Challenge hosted by Jasmine Star is to show you all a little piece of my workspace here at home! I say here at home because I do everything here. There is no getting to escape to a cute coffee shop to edit images and email clients, I have to do it all here with kids running wild. But I get it done! I work best with a cup of coffee, my MacBook, and this little spot in my living room – between 11 am and 2 pm. If you know me, you know I am a very minimalist person. My workspace is simple with a cream and natural look, just like every room in my home. It keeps my mind calm and peaceful, allowing me to work at my best. Even when Eleanor is running around behind me.I shared one

I shared one image on Instagram but I can share much more here on my blog. Tell me what you notice first when you look at these images? My eyes go straight to my planner on the left corner, my entire life is in there! It then wanders to my Young Living diffuser which plugs into my MacBook and helps me unwind! My apple watch stays charged until wedding day and engagements, keeping me updated on my schedule and sundown. It also works as a great walky-talky between main shooter and second shooter I’ve learned recently! I have to external hard-drives that have been backing up for the past week keeping all my clients, and my own photographs safe in three different spots including in the cloud! Lastly, it goes straight to the backbone of my business. My well-oiled machine, my MacBook. I love you! 😉


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